6 Tips To Design A Better Website

6 Tips To Design A Better Website

Designing a new website? Well today we will cover some basics on How To Design A Better Website! It doesn’t matter if you are designing the website your self, or have contracted a website designer, these tips are things that you need to know before you lay your money down.

  1. Website-designBuy the name yourself! It is so easy to register a domain name, and easy to give someone access to your account for management purposes. But if things go south (as they frequently do), you can just change your password and hire someone else. Thinking of registering a name? Check it out here and get a big discount.

  2. Control your hosting. There is nothing worse than paying for a website, and not being able to change webmasters because you cannot get access to your website. Not sure where to go to buy hosting? Just click here for great pricing, great customer service and reliable hosting.

  3. Pay for real keyword research. Your customers do not think the same way that you do. So, your keyword ideas might be a place to start, but they are not likely to have any search value. There are tools available to tell you how many times a phrase is searched each month, and also how much competition there is for that phrase.

  4. Design your website with WordPress. I know some of the designers out there will laugh at this, but hear me out on this. You will spend thousands of dollars designing a nice website. Did you know that there is maintenance on that site? Some of the maintenance is security updates, but some of the updates are so that your website will work properly on new devices that come out. There is no way to predict the future, but with WordPress you can accomplish those updates with a few simple clicks instead of paying a webmaster to redesign your website. What about other systems like Joomla you ask? Well to be honest they are just too confusing for the website owner that just wants to post photos from an event or change a phone number.

  5. Don’t hack the code! After all the reasons I gave you of why you should use WordPress, and how easy it is to update, don’t spoil them by hacking the code. Buy a good responsive theme, and customize with plugins and widgets. Yes, I know that too many plugins will slow down your site. So don’t use too many! When you need to make a change to your website, you should be able to change the settings in your theme, or change your theme. If things are hacked then you will be held hostage to your webmaster. God forbid you should ever change webmasters, and the new one has to figure out what got hacked where. Now you will really be spending some money.

  6. Write great content. You are building a website because you want people to go to it. Give them something to read! Don’t just through a few brochures at your website designer and say “scan this in”. If you cannot write good content, hire a journalist that can.

  7. Keep adding content. Once the website is designed, you will still need a steady stream of good content if you want to rank well. Again, if you cannot write it, hire a journalist. If you do not know one let me know and I will connect you with one.

I hope this helps. Now go design a beautiful website. And remember, your website is only as good as your worst photo.


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