Promotional Flash Drives For Today

Promotional Flash Drives For Today


For Today we will talk about promotional flash drives. To be clear, this simply means USB flash drives that are used to promote your business in some way. I have seen people use flash drives for promotion in three ways:

  • Giving away USB flash drives to customers or prospects.

  • Selling Branded USB flash drives.

  • Using Branded USB flash drives so that people see the brand and the association with technology.

Promotional Flash DrivesSo, regardless of which of these ways your  are thinking of using your USB flash drives as a promotional item (there may be more ways, let me know your creative ideas), there are a few things about flash drives that you should know before buying, in order to get the most bang for your promotional buck. Today we will detail a few of the most important:

  • Size of the Flash Memory

  • Branding method

  • Style of the flash drive unit or housing

  • Timeframe needed for your event

Size of the Flash Memory -

The biggest thing to be aware of here when ordering promotional flash drives, is to order an appropriate memory size. Many USB flash drive units are available from 256MB to 64GB. Which size you need works kind of like this; if you are going to load information on the drive that your client or prospect will be referencing, and you do not want them to use the drive for their own storage needs, then you only need to buy one big enough to store the data you will be providing. If however you expect the drive to be used for your prospects data needs, then the flash drive should be sized according to their most likely use. Most people can get good useage from a 4GB – 8GB unit, but as soon as you start dealing with larger file types they will need larger drives like the 32GB – 64GB. Provide the right size and your drive will get used – it’s as simple as that.

Branding Method

The branding method of your promotional flash drive will usually be one of these three types:

  • Name or Logo printed on the USB flash drive

  • Name or Logo printed on the Lanyard

  • Flash Drive Body molded in Custom Shape of company Logo or Mascot

Style of the flash drive unit or housingPromotional Flash Drives

The Style of your flash drive unit or housing is part personal preference, part company image and part intended use. For example, if you intend to attach your promotional flash drives to a set of paper documents, then you should be looking at USB flash drives that function as paper clips. If you just want the drives to be seen, then make sure that the drives a multi-functional flash drives appropriate to your demographic. If the flash drives are more of an appreciation gift, then select a style of flash drive that suits the occasion.

Timeframe needed for your event

Timeframe is a fun one. It seems like very few people plan far enough ahead for their promotions. Here’s the deal; when it comes to promotional flash drives, the memory comes from Asia, and takes about three weeks to get here. If you can plan ahead three to four weeks you can get almost anything you want. If you only have a few days you are limited to whatever is in stock and assembled. In between we can look at what is in Country ready to assemble. So while we can provide promotional flash drives in just a few days, we have many more options (and better pricing) with more time to plan.

Well I hope this helps you select the promotional flash drives that you need. Feel free to contact us here for free expert advice on the best USB flash drives!

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