The 5 Best Promotional Flash Drives Available

The 5 Best Promotional Flash Drives Available

Looking for Promotional Flash Drives? Well with so many thousands of choices, I thought it might help to list what I think are The 5 Best Promotional Flash Drives Available today and why.

  1. I Need Promotional Flash Drives like YESTERDAY!

    Standard Swivel You are not the first person to try to find Flash Drives for an event at the last minute. But don’t worry! Even though most of the actual memory comes from Asia, there several suppliers that stock Promotional Flash Drives just for your urgent needs!
    My favorite is the Standard Swivel Flash Drive
    You will find this flash drive in stock in a variety of colors and memory sizes. I have ordered over a thousand at a time and had them ship the same day! Now, that does not allow for imprinting, which can take a day or two (longer if you are not on a rush).
    Definitely one of the more affordable Flash Drives on the market, and yet still stylish enough that people still like to receive them. 

  2. I Need a Professional Looking Flash Drive!

    Promotional Flash Drives My Favorite here is the MiddleBrook Flash Drive. Not only is this a sleek styled Flash Drive, it is also a paper clip! So when you have files to give your clients, load them onto the MiddleBrook and clip to the folder or flyer and your client will think of you whenever they access the files on the drive! Available with standard turn-around times and custom imprinting available.


  3. I Want a Cool Multi-Function Flash Drive! Promotional Flash DrivesThe whole idea behind a multi-function promotional product is to have a product with a long life. In other words, you want a product that will get used on an on-going basis in such a way that lots of people will see it and take notice. Few promotional products do this as well as the Fulton Pen Flash Drive. Here you have a product that is a super nice pen, so people will keep it handy and use it often. Open it up and it is also a flash drive with up to 16GB storage. Need it in a hurry? The 2GB model is kept in stock here in the USA, ready to ship! 
  4. I Just Want A Super Awesome Flash Drive!Promotional Flash DrivesLooking for something to make people say WOW – Look no further  than the SoHo Flash Drive. Every-time I pull this out this promotional flash drive, it grabs people’s attention (and that’s hard to do these days).  Available in sizes up to 32GB, this stunning flash drive is sure to make the best impression use after use.
  5. I Want To “Go Green” With My Promo Flash Drive!
    You can’t get much greener than bamboo! Make it a flash drive and you have the Kona USB Flash Drive!Promotional Flash Drives
    Super fun design that makes a great statement about your company. It is also nice and light-weight, making it easy to carry along. Available in sizes up to 32GB, what a great (Green) way to increase sales!




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